There are three things that are really important to us: 1) Have a positive impact on the environment, 2) Show the value of high-quality, handmade goods, and 3) have fun!
With these three goals in mind, we don't want to be a company that just sells "stuff".  We don't want to make products that are disposable.  We want to make a high quality product that people really value.  We want our customers to share our values and help us reach these three goals.  
We take a lot of our inspiration from environmental nonprofits that are fighting the good fight day in and day out.  1% for the Planet does really incredible work, but one percent doesn't feel like enough.  To put our money where our mouth is, we're donating 10% of our sales to environmental charities. 
We look forward to sharing the journey (and maybe a few beers) with you all.
Kat and Dwyer